The 8 most delicious Patisseries in Paris

These are some of the finest patisseries in Paris From top-of-the-line staples to quirky newcomers.

You’re in Paris most likely after having watched a million Paris TikToks before heading to. Which is the very first item you’ll need? A croissant. Maybe a small cake. Perhaps an orange tart, cookies, or maybe millefeuille (or three).

In essence, you must go to an artisanal patisserie. It’s a good thing, because there are plenty of patisseries in Paris with many so delicious that they’ll simply surprise you. The editors of Time Out Paris have sampled every dessert worth its dough within the city to present to you this list of the top. Please, enjoy. We’re here to help.

8 most delicious Patisseries in Paris

1. Tapisserie


Tapisserie is first delicious Patisseries in Paris. Septime’s owner Bertrand Grebaut and Theophile Pourriat have adopted a straightforward approach to sweets using Tapisserie. It is made using organic, stone-ground flours that have distinct flavor, local creameries, and fair trade sources. The vanilla flan of Chef Fanny Payre and apple tart are tasty and rustic and so is the Fontainebleau.

2. Pages Blanches

Pages Blanches

Pages Blanches is second delicious Patisseries in Paris. Kaori Akazawa will take you on a the most delicious voyage through France to Japan in this delightful bakery, a sweet extension of Ryuji Teshima’s restaurant Pages situated in the middle of 8th district. Flan of vanilla (one of the top in Paris) Paris-brest, paris-brest and rasp tart mix with Japanese matcha flan, strawberry along with matcha-yuzu saint honore. The delicacy, precision and evenness in Pages Blanches’ cakes have immediately elevated the restaurant into the Olympus of Parisian desserts. We guarantee it’s worth a try.

3. Tomo


Tomo is Third delicious Patisseries in Paris. Who could have guessed that dorayaki two pancakes encased in a dulcet azuki bean spread became the marotte of culinary delights for Parisian foodies? The time has come to sample these delicious dorayaki in this Japanese tea restaurant, established by former Aida pastry chef: Romain Gaia as well as Murata Takanori. This is also a chance to taste other exquisite Japanese desserts: mochi, daifuku, baba, and a selection of Japanese whisky…

4. Bontemps


Bontemps is Third delicious Patisseries in Paris. The patisserie at the rue de Bretagne is always a hit with its amazing lemon cakes, shortbread, and Imperial seasonal tarts. Nearby to Bontemps boutique is a tearoom, which is awash with metal furniture and floral arrangements, where you can eat the cakes in the crisp air (and maybe snap a photo for the “gram”).

5. Toraya


You should forget everything you know about matcha. You can forget all the other Japanese matcha establishments There is only one place to go – Toraya is the best of all. With its place of the restaurant in Concorde it is likely that prices are going to be quite a amount more but that shouldn’t keep you back because this traditional tea house is an absolute dream. The puddings are a burst of color: a delicious matcha yokan, with refreshing cane syrup, and grilling soybeans.

6. Mokonuts


This amazing restaurant transforms into a cafe outside of normal hours of eating. The founder Moko Hirayama, who was a lawyer, creates unique desserts that entice you when you step into the restaurant, such as cookies made from white chocolate and black olives. The pecan cake she makes is amazing.

7. Utopie


The atmosphere here truly does feel like… it’s a paradise. From buttery breads to chausson au pommes filled with real apples The food here is simple yet deliciously tasty. And the best part? The prices aren’t too expensive. You can order the sesame eclair as well as a subtle tart with cinnamon and strawberry, or a scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth flan.

8. Boulangerie Bo

Boulangerie Bo

This place has all French classic that you can imagine, all under one roof. The excellent restaurant serves all kinds of cakes and dessert you can imagine. The problem is choosing which one of the numerous treats you’d like to take to home. Choose a classic like Lemon tart, the Paris-Brest or the chocolate Eclair.


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